I Nyoman Sujaya*, I Dewa Putu Pramantara S.**, Joko Susilo***


Background: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) was a health problem the prevalence of which was
increasing either nationally or globally. The World Health Organization states that Indonesia had the fourth greatest DM patients in the world with the prevalence as much as 8,6% of total population. DM patients at District of Tabanan in 2006 was the second rank after hypertension, i.e. 41,12%. Increasing cases of DM type 2 are related to lifestyles and consumption pattern.

Objective: To identify consumption pattern of Balinese traditional foods as risk factors for the prevalence of DM type 2 at District of Tabanan.

Method: This was a case-control study. Cases consisted of 82 newly diagnosed DM type 2 patients of Tabanan General Hospital. Control consisted of 82 non DM type 2 patients and control in the community consisted of 82 healthy people nearby the residence of cases. Data were obtained through interview, observation, anthropometric evaluation, blood glucose and blood pressure examination. Data analysis used bivariate and multivariate at confidence interval 95%.

Result: The result of bivariate analysis showed that variables statistically related to the prevalence of DM type 2 at District of Tabanan were consumption pattern of Balinese traditional foods (carbohydrate, fat, protein), obesity, physical activities and DM history in the family. The result of multivariate analysis showed that 4 variables significantly and dominantly related to the prevalence of DM type 2 at District of Tabanan were high consumption of carbohydrate (OR=7.85; 95%CI=2.70522.796), fat (OR=5.54; 95%CI: 2.705 – 22.796), less physical activities (OR=4,31 ; 95%CI=1,79210,360), DM history in the family (OR=4,0; 95%CI=1,8648,573).

Conclusion: High consumption of Balinese traditional foods in carbohydrate/sugar and fat were risk factors for the prevalence of DM type 2 at District of Tabanan and they were statistically significant (p<0,05).

Key Words: Balinese traditional foods, consumption pattern, risk factors, DM type 2.

* Health Polytechnic, Denpasar
** Internal Department of Medicine Faculty, Gadjah Mada University
*** Nutrition Department of Health Polytechnic, Yogyakarta

Item type           : Jurnal Ilmiah
Bibliografi         : Jurnal NUTRISIA VOL. 9, NO. 1, Maret 2008, ISSN 1693-945X
Subject              : Gizi Masyarakat
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Deposted on    : 26 Januari 2012

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