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Background: Indonesia health problem that each coat all of age the society, one of them is adolescent health problem. Adolescent of health problem could be happened at very age early as a high risk group of nutrition not yet fully mature, either through physical, cognate, and also psycosocial. In the period of this identity seeking, adolescent is very quickly affected by environment. Quite a lot problem which is negating the adolescent nutrition and health. Beside disease or condition brought from the day borned, drug abuse, alcohol addiction and smoke, and also too sexual relation early, proven to add the burden of all adolescent

Objectives: Knowing correlation of energy and protein intake with nutritional status of adolescent in Institute society of children Kutoarjo Purworejo Central Java.

Method: Kind of research is observasional study having the character of descriptive with the crossectional design. Food intake was taken by visual valuation of Comstoc and Recall 24 hour on three day which different day each other. Pearson correlation statistict test both bivariate and partial used to explain of relation between energy and protein intake with nutritional status of adolescent.

Result: Energy and protein intake level of subject were 4,5% and 6,8% more or equal to RDA. There are 86,4% subject with good nutrition status and 13,6% under nutrition that assessed by percentage standard of weight per high (W/H) from centre of nutrition research and development. Pearson correlation statistic test (bivariate) were showed that energy intake had significant correlation (r=0.328 and p<0,05) with nutritional status, but correlation protein intake not significant with nutritional status (r=0.220 and p > 0,05). Partial correlation with each control showed that any interaction energy and protein intake to nutritional status.

Conclusion: Good nutritional status of adolescent related to the level of energy intake. This study recommend that preparation of variation meal and taste to adolescent preference.

Key Word: energyprotein intake; adolescent; nutrition status

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**Lektor Kepala pada Jurusan Gizi

Item type            : Jurnal Ilmiah
Bibliografi          : Jurnal NUTRISIA VOL. 9, NO. 2, September 2008, ISSN 1693-945X
Subject              : Gizi Masyarakat
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Deposted on    : 27 Januari 2012

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