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Background : Tannin is an inhibitor factor in iron absorbed. Tea, coffee and boiled herb contain high tannin rate. To get benefit from those and decrease iron absorbtion disturbance, so need pur boiling or boiling process with lowest tannin rate.

Objective : Knowing about tea and coffe tannin rate based on pur boiling water times and also the boiling herb based on boiling times.

Method : this is a quasy – experimental research. This research consist of 3 variety treatment, 3 variety ingredients, 3 times re-treatment with 1 unit trial. Times treatment was 3 minutes, 7 minutes and 15 minutes. Analysis by measured tannin rate, using anova continued by Tukey test. Regression test is done to know the increase of tannin rate.

Result : There aren’t tannin rate difference on tea pur boiling water times variety. But, there are tannin rate difference on coffee pur water times variety in 3 minutes and also at herb boil times variety in 3 minutes with 7 minutes, 3 minutes with 15 minutes, and 7 minutes with 15 minutes.

Conclusion : There aren’t increase difference of tannin rate in tea base of pur boiling water times.
There are increase difference of tannin rate in coffee base of pur boiling water times and boiled herb base of boiling times.

Key word : Tannin rate, pur boiling water times, tea, coffee, boiled herb.

*) Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Yogyakarta, Jl. Tata Bumi no. 3         Gamping,  Yogyakarta. e-mail :

**) Mahasiswa Jurusan Gizi Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Yogyakarta

Item type          : Jurnal Ilmiah
Bibliografi        : Jurnal NUTRISIA VOL. 8, NO. 1, Maret 2007, ISSN 1693-945X
Subject             : Teknologi Pangan
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